My Story

I signed up for Scentsy site unseen October 2009. It just sounded so perfect to have a candle with the warmth of a lightbulb melting the candle wax instead of a flame? I had always loved burning candles but was one, on occation that woud forget to blow out the flame!  I am so passionate about Scentsy and am WARMING fragrances daily!  I am a mother of two wonderful boys and am excited to say as of May 2012 I officially started doing our Scentsy business as a full time home based business.  Our youngest son has asthma but thankfully because there is no soot burning in the air, Scentsy does not bother him one bit. In October 2009, Scentsy launched Scentsy Canada! October 22nd is the day I joined. What a blessing it has been! 

I became a director with Scentsy in October 2010, one year after I joined. I honestly didn't have a clue when I signed up I could be a director so soon! In the next two years I promoted to Superstar Director.  I put as much into my business as I possibly can. We have a wonderful group of men and women in our Scentsy Out West team. I love watching how their own Scentsy business works in their lives.  I focus as much as I can on our team to make them as strong as I possibly can. I love doing home parties and basket parties, they are a great way to get out and enjoy the evenings or meet for coffee during the day! 

I  have always wanted to do my part to support my family and Scentsy does this for me!   Being a stay at home Mom and working our home based business is a dream come true. I can set my own schedule and can work around our children.  To be able to help out in their school as much as I want, go on their field trips, or just be home with them on sick days knowing that I don't have to tell anyone but myself that I am taking time off work to be with my kids is awesome!

We now have the most incredible extended family with all of the friends we have met in the "Scentsy Family Organization". The travelling that my husband and I are able to do now is more than words can say! Since joining Scentsy we have had three amazing fully paid incentive trips that we earned to Disney World in Florida, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, Oahu Hawaii  and this year I have decided to go to Las Vegas for my incentive trip in July and I can't wait to go spend time with our Scentsy family there!!  

Scentsy has launched in Germany, the UK , Ireland, Mexico, Australia, France and NEW this year we have launched in New Zealand! If you have any contacts in any of these places, just think of how fast your Scentsy team could grow! 

I can't say enough amazing things about my Scentsy journey. I am coming up on my 7th year "Scentiversary" this year and I look forward to our future! 

Take a moment and watch this video of The Scentsy Story. Watch it now! If you are thinking of ways to support your family, pay off student loans, have some extra cash flow to pay for bills or go buy that new outfit you have been looking at, you couldn't ask for a better business. Working your own hours the way you want!  I would love to share this business opportunity with you as well because it really could change your life. 

Thank you for reading my Story! 

Tracy Tutt
Independent SuperStar Director 

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